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Hello ! I'm  Guillaume !

A small section to introduce myself in a few words. A sort of teaser before we can meet in person !
My name is Guillaume and I’ve just turned 30. For 2 or 3 years already but I’m coping rather well :) 
I don’t have the usual photographer background one's could expect.  I went through loads of different experiences which reveal my great curiosity to the world around me. After growing in Limoges, I’ve lived in Aquitaine, Brittany and then moved to Hungary where I stayed about 5 years. I also had a shorter stay in Idaho and some regular ones in the UK. It’s obvious that I love travelling but it’s about going beyond the tourist sites and finding myself totally emerged in these new cultures and environments that I find rewarding. 
It’s by traveling that I discovered Photography and started to become addicted to taking pictures and mostly being able to reflect my life onto them. I recently decided to make a living out of it. A job where I only do what I’m passionate about : meeting you, sharing these amazing moments and doing my best to capture your emotions using my sensitivity and therefore creating your future memories !
Life is full of bubbles of happiness ! My job as a professional photographer is to make sure these bubbles are being caught and remembered.

Thanks for your reading, see you soon !

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On parle de moi sur Kidiklik87 ! ☺️
Merci à Florie pour ce joli article que vous pouvez retrouver ici !

On parle de moi sur Kidiklik87 ! ☺️
Merci à Florie pour ce joli article que vous pouvez retrouver ici !

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©Guillaume Comte PHOTOGRAPHE - Wedding & Family Photographer - Siret : 83199148400013 - Reproduction interdite

Limoges, Limousin

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